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Vasu Aromatics – Essential Oils

Essential oils are concentrated steam distilled extracts of a plant or its part. These retain the natural odour  or “essence” of their source and are volatile in nature .

Essential oils have since ancient times been used as part of treatment for various ailments , particularly to improve physical and psychological  well being . Vasu aromatics offer an exclusive range of such exotic oils ,each one having specific benefits for mental and physical well being of user.


Vasu  Aromatics 


 Lavender Essential Oil


There is no doubt why lavender oil is one of the most cherished essential oils. Besides being divinely aromatic and incredibly soothing and gentle it is so versatile and has a nearly endless list of uses and benefits.

No matter your aromatherapy experience level , lavender oil should definitely be a staple in your essential oil collection.

Lavender in truly timeless.

Vasu lavender oil is 100 % pure and natural. It is made in India, using steam distillation. It has 40 years  of excellence and is available in 40 + countries.

Distilling lavender oil:-

Lavenders purple flowers are steam distilled to extract their naturally –occuring oils . This process involves passing steam through a chamber holding the raw plant material. The steam continues into a chilled condenser where it returns to liquid state.

The resulting liquid consists of both oil and water. The oil is separated ,becoming the beautiful lavenders essential oil we have .

Lavender Oil Uses & Benefits:-

  • Promotes sleep :

lavender is often the first essential oil reached for when looking to help promote sleep. Its calming and soothing properties help relax both the body and mind.

  • Relieves stress and anxiety:

Lavender oil ushers in peace and promotes balance in every aspest of the physical , emotional and spiritual energetic terrain.

  • Reduces pain & inllammation :

It is often used in blends to helps alleviate muscle aches and tension ,ease cramps and spasms relieve joint pain and rheumatism soothes sprains etc.

  • Nourishes skin and hair:

lavender oil is a beautiful choice for helping to promote over all skin and hair health and radiance

  • Soothes and heals damaged skin:

It is an analgesic and has skin cell regenerative properties which make it wonderful for soothing cuts, scrapes and minor woundes.

It can also help soothe skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

  • Treats Acne:-

It inhibits bacteria and can help regulate.

Over –production of sebum

  • Purifies:-

it has anti –bacterial & anti viral properties .

  • Naturally repels insects and soothes bug bites and stings.


Tea Tree oil

Tea tree oil is one of the most famous essential oils with various benefits. The holistic science of Ayurveda provides evidence about this oil since ancient times.

Tea tree oil, known as melaleuca alternifolia. Also, the tea tree plant is different from a regular tea plant irrespective of their names, It is called as “Knight in shining Armour” because it protects against all kinds of infection and various allegic reactions.

How does it act?

Tea tree oil contains many compounds like terpinen – 4-ol that have anti – micobial properties. This Turpinen – 4-0 helps to fight against infection by boosting your immunity. It increases the activity of white blood cells to produce immunity.


Benefits & Uses of Tea Tree Oil:-

  • Promotes glowing skin : tea tree oil is best to use for skin benefits. It is very beneficial for your skin and makes it look radiant and glowing. It is a power house of anti oxidants that helps skin reduce its dryness and make it smooth.
  • Helps to get rid of Acne :-

Tea tree oil is very effective against acne due to its anti – inflammatory and anti – microbial properties . Research suggests that it is as effective as benzoyl peroxide. It penetrates the pores to remove toxins and prevent clogging. It also reduces and lightens the scars. Tea tree oil restores the natural oil balance of the skin. Though tea tree oil works slowly, but using it straight for 45 days can be so magical for your skin. You can use tea tree oil based gel for good results.

  • Prevents skin infections :-

It works excellently in all types of skin infections such as psoriasis herpes , and  athletes foot.

It also helps to relieve skin irritation and inflammations. You can add a few drops of tea tree oil in a moisturizer or olive oil and apply it to the affected area.

  • Prevents skin cancer :-

Research suggests, tea tree oil can help fight against skin cancer, it is beneficial in reducing cancerous tumours .

  • Prevent dandruff and lice :-

Its anti septic properties work to remove dandruff, lice, white flakes and dead skin of the scalp. It also acts as a cleanser and conditioner, helps soothe the dry scalp and treat lice.

  • Reduces hair fall :-

It acts as a tonic for hair and makes them healthy and shiny.

  • Treatment for nail fungal infections :-

A combination of natural remedies can help get rid  of nail infection one of which is tea tree oil mixed with coconut oil and applied on the affected area.

  • Benefical for Respiratory complaints :-

It is a potent expectorant and helps to clear the blocked mucus in the throat and nose it is also a potent remedy for asthma, tuberculosis,bronchitis etc.

  • Promotes oral health :-

Research suggests, tea tree oil fights against germs which causes tooth decay, bad breath and other inflammatory oral diseases. You can use it as a chemical free mouth wash by just adding a drop of tea tree oil in half a cup of water , mix it and squish in your mouth for 30 seconds.

  • Acts as a natural deodrant :-

Anti- bacterial properties of tea tree oil can help to control odour related to perspiration. It is safe and an effective alternative to deodorant.


Oils Safety :-

  • Recommended for external use only.
  • If pregnant or breast feeding consult with your physician before using any essential oil including lavender oil.
  • I always recommend doing a patch test for sensitivity.

    Oils that blend well-

  • Coconut Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Castor Oil

Direction for use :-

Always add a few drops to a suitable carrier .

It could be oil, moisturisers etc.

Bath :- Enjoy a refreshing bath by adding a few drops to cold or luke warm water for a relaxing bath .

Massage :- Add a few drops in almond, coconut, or olive oil and massage gently to relieve head ache and body pains .

Air Freshener :- Diffuse a few drops to uplift your spirit and get a happiness boost .

Dilute –with water and spray to freshen up a room.

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